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"Who we are?"

Our designers will design your bathroom with passion



Our strategy of being successful is; we are not seeing our customers like strangers. We are happy to help with their needs as much as we can. We always bring up the best option possible for them to take advantage of a deal or promotion if there is any. We value referrals very much. We want our customers to refer us to others. This is our prime way of advertisement. That’s why we will always be working harder to improve ourselves to serve our customers better. Our goal was to be the best bathroom vanity store in Miami. After designing, manufacturing and keeping all the promises we gave to our customers. In return, our customers help us grow nationwide.




Our mission is to make bathroom remodelling easy and have our customer save money. We become extremely happy when we see our customers happy.  We might be strangers before they visit us after we take care of them, we are happy to see our customers feel like part of BATH MIAMI’s family. It is not hard to be “the best price bathroom vanity store in Miami” for us. We kept all our promises and we offer the best price bathroom vanity in highest quality. We proved our customers that luxury is not that expensive, and they carried us to the top levels when it comes to the bathroom.



"The Four Simple Steps To Your Dream Bathroom"


After a decade of experience in designing and renovation. Our goal is to help people take the right decisions about choosing the right bathroom vanity and tiles. When you hear “renovation or remodelling” it doesn’t sound easy and nobody remodels their bathroom every 2 years. Once you remodel, that’s it. We believe it should last minimum 10 years. That’s why you need to choose the right vanity. We as Bath Miami, provide bathroom supplies such as bathroom vanities, tiles, countertops, bathtubs, faucets, shower glass doors, LED mirrors, shower systems and toilets. We are the manufacturer and importer of bathroom vanities and accessories.

It is not difficult to find the bathroom vanity with the best quality and the best price with us. We make your remodelling easy and save you money during the process! When you shop around for bathroom vanities for your new bathroom, you should follow some criteria to meet your satisfaction such as pricing, material and design.




You don’t need to graduate from a design school to remodel and have an amazing style in your bathroom. We learned this from our valuable customers. After many years designing bathrooms with our customers, we know what our customers like the most and we manufacture for them! Bath Miami is the best option for you to design your bathroom with no worries. First of all, you don’t need to worry about the price and the quality of material while you decide which design would fit the best to your bathroom. We have taken care of pricing and the quality part for you so you can focus on choosing a style which fits you the best out of our large inventory of different colour options and sizes! Don’t worry, our design experienced team is here to guide you about style as well.
Not sure about what colour or material? Not a problem, come to Bath Miami, visit our showroom. We are one of the top bathroom remodelling stores located in Miami, Florida.




People mostly search in google or yahoo or any other search engine as ‘‘best price bathroom vanity’’ to find the store that matches the budget. Pricing is one of the most important matter when it comes to shopping for bathroom vanities. When you look at the prices online, you can more or less have an idea about market prices. You might see some vanities that look the same and be at different prices. If they both the same brand, take a look at the reason. It might come with missing parts such as drain, over flow, wall mount kits. If everything looks fine, if it includes all the parts you need for your bathroom remodelling and it is the better price. Congratulations! You found your bathroom vanity. But if the design is the same and the brand is different, then you might need to take a look at the materials not to be surprised later on. We had many customers that came across this sad situation before. That is the reason why we tell our valuable customers to please be careful so you don’t waste your money instead of saving. Another important matter that you should be careful is; when you search for ‘bathroom vanity in best price’’ and you find the same designed bathroom vanities in different prices and you order online. If it comes scratched or even damaged during delivery, you might be responsible for it. Most of the companies out there would issue a refund for the damaged products if they were damaged during the delivery as long as you pay for the return cost. You should always double check the company policies before making a large purchase such as bathroom vanities. Sometimes best prices are not the best options and it can eventually cost you even more! That’s why BATH MIAMI is here to get you the get best deal!




Bathroom remodelling is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. After you find the best price, see if it is good for daily use. Since your vanity is located in the bathroom, obviously it will have some connection with water and humidity. Is it durable enough? What material did they use to give you the best price for your bathroom? Are you aware of it? Well, you don’t have to be an expert to remodel your bathroom cabinet but, you should know what material it is made out of. What kind of a top and sink does it come with? What type of wood it is or how is the connection of the parts? For example, we never suggest staple nails connections, because they eventually cause moisture. For the solid wood cabinet we suggest; Oak, Poplar, Birch and good quality of plywood. Let’s say you are in Miami and you are looking for bathroom vanities. When you search ‘’ best bathroom vanity in Miami’’ you will find a lot of options but are they good enough? As we mentioned before, price is an important matter to the quality. Miami is located under a tropical weather climate and humidity level is mostly very high. On top of that, after a hot shower humidity level in your bathroom would be extremely high. Do you think your best-priced bathroom vanity ready for it? Bath Miami is dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to the quality and the price!



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