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Kitchen Cabinets and BathMiami

Feb 16, 2023 / By Bath Miami / in Decoration tips

Do you know that the kitchen is the most used area in the house? Even if we sleep more than six hours on average every day and we sit in the saloon for several hours due to the several reasons, we spend more time in the kitchen compared to the other rooms. We don’t only cook, eat and drink something there, but also get rest, tell our mothers one of our problems and analyze a match with our fathers. As we care the appearance of a place which, we use intensely, we attach expectedly a great importance to the appearances of our kitchens as well. In this context, cabinets are the most essential parts of a beautiful kitchen, in addition to the functions they fulfill. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the kitchen industry offers more types of kitchen cabinets according to their quality, design and material by which they are produced. While three kinds of materials by which cabinet bodies are mostly produced, for cabinet doors, there are more alternatives. Evaluating their advantages and disadvantages, customers decide on the cabinet with which they will furnish their kitchens. 

For the bodies of cabinets, light- density fiberboard (LDF) is perhaps the most known material customers prefer. LDF is made by pressing together scrap wood products into sheets. This material is the cheapest and most lightweight one compared the others. Also, it can easily be fitted into your kitchen. But the LDF is non-durable and may be misshaped when it comes into contact with water. On the other hand, if cabinets are overloaded, shelves might be broken.

The other alternative for cabinet bodies is medium-density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is made by smaller fibres, resin and wax by pressing them together. MDF is strong and durable due to its composition. It is resistant to moisture and high heats. Thanks to the feature of its surface, it offers more color options. Yet, its price is one of the disadvantages MDF has. Secondly, as made by qualified and dense materials, MDF kitchen cabinets are heavyweight and, this creates extra burden on the building where they will be fitted.

The last option for cabinet bodies is hardwood which has been used for decades. As a natural material, hardwood offers its users different natural colors with its unique beauty. It is the most durable material used for cabinet bodies. Particularly for those who like classical furnishing, hardwood cabinets will make significant contribution to the ambience of your house. As occurred in the alternatives above, hardwood would bring some disadvantages for you. First and the most important advantage it will create is the cost. Hardwood is very expensive compared to the other kinds of cabinet. With a great heaviness, hardwood cabinets may constitute some inconvenient for your kitchen. Moreover, humidity and high temperatures may cause to the deformation in its color and shape.

Doors of cabinets are as important as cabinet bodies because we mostly see them in our kitchens. They can totally change the aura of the kitchen. As mentioned above, the sector offers more cabinet door options than cabinet bodies thanks to different manufacturing methods.

LDF and MDF can be used as cabinet doors after they are laminated. These laminated materials are more resistant to humidity and heat, while they seem more attractive. MDF’s usage for cabinet doors is broader than that of LDF. Acrylic, membranes, high gloss and lake cabinet doors are produced by MDF after it is covered by different materials. Acrylic doors are bright and resistant to abrasion. As one of the popular options today, membrane cabinet doors create an authentic atmosphere in your kitchen. High gloss cabinet doors are indispensable element of contemporary kitchens, while lake doors are preferred by those looking for prestigious.

With a decade of experience in kitchen designing and renovation, as BathMiami, we offer you unique, marvelous, attractive and fashionable kitchen cabinet alternatives. Patterns our designers created will bring your kitchen a coziness you have not experienced until now. We are at your service with our supremacy in this field.